We all know Jesus is wonderful!  In a million ways!  But when was the last time you did some good old fashioned marveling? “For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all that He Himself is doing. And greater works than these will He show Him, So that you may marvel.” (John 5:20)

So that you will marvel! The reason given was so they would marvel. The Father wants us to be taken with Jesus! He wants us to be captivated by Him!  

Marvel. Wonder. At His great works: recorded in scripture: the healings, deliverances, resurrections, water to wine, other miracles, etc; and the current testimonies we've seen or heard about: healings, miracles, visitations, Providential encounters, etc. How about God's great, great love for us! His incarnation. His passion. His resurrection. His finished work. His unconditional love, grace, and kindness. Eternal life. 

The Father loves the Son and He wants us to love His Son. So when we see all the amazing things that make us marvel and wonder, we honor Him, and it causes us to love Him, to believe in Him, to glorify Him, and to tell others about Him all the more. The Father wants to brag about His Son. He is so in love with Him, so proud of Him, that He wants us to be as well. So He was showing Jesus even greater things, and these greater things would make them marvel even more at Jesus.

When we marvel it not only honors God, but it's also good for us. My dear friend and pastor, Charles Stock, has taught for years "Behold and Become". It's a brilliant truth. What we behold, look at, dwell upon, think about, changes us - whether for good or bad. As we become Jesus focused, we get more connected to Jesus. Take enough time to marvel. Get blown away. Behold and become.  

There's more to worship than singing and raising our hands. There is marveling!   

 "So all would honor the Son." (John 5:23)