One of the symptoms of the terrible poverty of India is the horrible sex trade of children and young people. To protect the children and the people rescuing them, we are not at liberty to make details public. If you google the topic there is much public information. 

My friends have schools for children in many parts of the nation. These schools are helping to lift children out of poverty and give them a chance to escape. They also minister to many of the children born to prostitutes and rescue these children from the streets. 

Right now there is a great need to build an orphanage in an area where hundreds of Christians were massacred, churches were burned and pastors killed. As a result, over one hundred children were left complete orphans having lost parents and grandparents in the killing spree to wipe out Christians. Our friends pulled together a staff, found some buildings to rent (from some of the very people that were behind the killings) and are housing, feeding, and educating these precious children. Details cannot be publicly posted to protect the children and the workers but can be obtained by contacting us directly. 

We recently raised funds to buy an all-terrain van for one of the schools in an obscure location. Our friends have schools and after-school programs in many parts of the country. At this particular location, about 150 Hindu boys and girls are given an excellent education and provided a nutritious, hot meal daily. Without this school they would receive neither. They are also learning about the love of Jesus and experiencing His healing power. The only way the children can get to school is by walking, as there are no cars or vehicles in the villages. There were at least 50 other children that couldn’t go to school because of the distance. Now they can go to school and safely travel during monsoon season, when the "roads" are un-passable without such a special vehicle. The van makes at least four trips before and after school to take care of all the kids. We needed only $20,000 for this project. We will share other important projects in different areas of India. One of the projects coming up is a medical clinic that will be built where poor villagers have no access to getting health care.