Connect The World

Building world changing relationships


Connecting people with God, people with people, and people with resources.



OUR GOAL IS TO HELP WHERE FEW ARE HELPING, SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT FEW ARE SUPPORTING, AND GIVE WHERE FEW PEOPLE ARE GIVING. We do this by going ourselves, bringing teams, and raising funds for people and projects. We have helped people and done projects in Africa, Western Europe and India. For the next few years we will be working on some larger projects in India and Indonesia, including raising funds to build an orphanage, medical center, and schools. 


"Our partners have schools for children in many parts of the nation that are helping to lift children out of poverty."


Going out into the world, sharing the Love of God.



BY CREATING LONG TERM CONNECTIONS, WE ARE ABLE TO CONTINUE PROVIDING THE RESOURCES TO THE PEOPLE IN NEED, AND THOSE THEY SERVE. Connect the World is a non-profit organization. Your donations are applied directly towards providing resources in the field, and sustaining our ministry both at home and across the world. 


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